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Heritage Whiskey Festival

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  • Souvenir Whiskey Glass: Receive a keepsake whiskey glass to commemorate your journey through the world of fine spirits.
  • Live Entertainment: Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere with live entertainment that enhances the overall experience.
  • Whiskey Seminars: Engage with passionate experts as they delve into the intricate artistry and dedication behind each bottle, offering insights that deepen your appreciation for whiskey.
  • Variety of Spirits: Not limited to just whiskey, savor a diverse selection of spirits, including cognac, rum, tequila, bourbon, and, of course, whiskey, allowing you to explore a spectrum of flavors and stories.
  • Appetizers by Mouthhole BBQ: Relish mouthwatering appetizers provided by Mouthhole BBQ, perfectly paired with your choice of spirits.
  • Discovery of Boutique Brands: Encounter new boutique whiskey brands among the 25 distinguished spirit companies in attendance, expanding your palate and knowledge.
  • Complimentary Premium Cigars: Enjoy two free premium cigars, perfectly complementing the spirit tasting experience.